A Rising Talent in Dance and Education

Eden Lovett
As a senior at West Texas A&M University, Eden Lovett is on the cusp of an exciting chapter in her dance career. Majoring in Dance Performance, she is set to graduate with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2024. Eden's journey in dance is marked not just by her academic pursuits but also by her passion for teaching and performing.
Four Years of Teaching Excellence at The Edge

Eden's journey as an instructor at The Edge spans four enriching years. Her experience has been as diverse as it has been fulfilling, teaching a range of ages and genres. Currently, she specializes in Hip Hop and Contemporary, bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to these styles. Eden’s classes are more than dance lessons; they are a platform for creativity, expression, and growth.

A Pillar in Emergence Dance Company

In addition to her teaching role, Eden is a proud second-year company member of The Emergence Dance Company. This involvement has not only honed her performance skills but also enriched her teaching methods, allowing her to bring professional insights to her students.

A Rich Background in Dance

Before joining The Edge, Eden was deeply involved in the dance community. She was a three-year member and a two-year captain of the Amarillo High Sandie Steppers. Additionally, her six years of training at Amarillo College have equipped her with a strong foundation in various dance forms and techniques.

A Passion for Dance Education

Above all, Eden's love for working with children shines through in her teaching. Watching her students learn, grow, and embrace dance is a source of immense joy and satisfaction for her. Eden believes in nurturing not just the dancer but the individual, encouraging her students to develop both their skills and self-confidence.

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