A Disciplined Ballerina Turned Versatile Dance Instructor

Hannah Hosnedl
As a fresh graduate of the WT Dance Department, Hannah Hosnedl brings a blend of classical finesse and contemporary flair to The Edge Amarillo, where she has been an integral part of the teaching staff for three years. Originating from the suburbs of Chicago, Hannah's dance journey began at the tender age of 5, marking the start of a lifelong dedication to the art.
A Classical Foundation with a Global Touch

Hannah's early years were deeply rooted in ballet, where she received classical training in various styles. Her commitment to ballet led her to the prestigious Gelsey Kirkland's Academy of Classical Ballet in New York, where she attended summer intensives starting at age 13. Hannah's pursuit of excellence saw her joining their full-time program for two years, a period that honed her skills and deepened her understanding of classical ballet.

Expanding Horizons in Chicago

Upon returning home, Hannah continued her ballet training at the Chicago School of Ballet under Steven Norman's guidance. It was here that she showcased her talent at the Youth America Grand Prix Finals in New York, a testament to her skill and dedication.

A New Chapter at West Texas A&M University

Hannah's journey took a significant turn when she was acquainted with West Texas A&M University. Receiving both a dance and merit scholarship, she embarked on a new academic and artistic path. At WT, Hannah broadened her dance repertoire, delving into various styles beyond ballet and nurturing her passion for teaching.

Bringing Diversity and Experience to The Edge

Now at The Edge, Hannah is known for her versatility and depth of knowledge in dance. Her background in classical ballet and exposure to diverse dance forms make her classes rich in technique and variety. As a teacher, she is committed to inspiring her students to explore their full potential, fostering an environment where classical training meets creative exploration.

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