Amarillo's Star Blending Theatre and Jazz

Meet Katie Rowan
Katie Rowan, a shining gem in Amarillo's dance and theatre scene, exemplifies the fusion of musical theatre and jazz dance. Her journey, rooted in the heart of Amarillo, has taken her to prestigious institutions, shaping her into the versatile performer she is today.
Cultivating Artistry on Renowned Stages

Katie's dance education spans from the esteemed Oklahoma City University to the dynamic Steps On Broadway's Pre-professional program in New York City. These institutions have honed her natural talent, allowing her to master the intricacies of musical theatre and jazz.

A Lifelong Dance Dedication

Even with her extensive training, Katie's pursuit of excellence doesn't pause. She continues to refine her ballet techniques under the guidance of the renowned Lanham duo. This dedication to continual improvement is a hallmark of her artistic ethos.

Local Limelight

Back in Amarillo, Katie's talent shines bright. She has been a regular feature in productions by Amarillo Little Theatre and Texas Musical Drama, enthralling audiences with her dynamic performances. Her presence on local stages not only showcases her talent but also her commitment to contributing to the cultural fabric of Amarillo.

Inspiring the Next Generation

At The Edge Amarillo, Katie brings her rich experience and passion for dance to her students. Her expertise in both musical theatre and jazz offers a unique learning opportunity for aspiring dancers, encouraging them to explore and excel in diverse dance forms.

Katie Rowan's journey is a blend of relentless training, passionate performing, and dedicated teaching, making her a valuable asset to The Edge Amarillo and an inspiration to dancers in the Amarillo community.

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