A Diverse Talent Carving His Niche in Dance

Matthew Miller
In his fourth year as a dance major at West Texas A&M University, Matthew is immersing himself in the multifaceted world of dance. His academic journey encompasses an expansive study, from mastering various dance techniques to exploring the art of choreography. Matthew's dedication to dance is evident in his rigorous training and creative endeavors.
A Summer of Movement and Expression

Matthew's summer of 2023 was a period of artistic growth, marked by his collaboration with the Whirlwind Contemporary Dance Company. His journey also saw him performing in the iconic "TEXAS The Outdoor Musical" in the breathtaking Palo Duro Canyon for two consecutive seasons (2021 and 2022). These experiences not only honed his skills but also enriched his appreciation for diverse dance forms.

Professional Pursuits with Emergence Dance Company & Lone Star Ballet

As a professional company member of both Emergence Dance Company and Lone Star Ballet, Matthew has had the privilege of working alongside highly talented and esteemed dancers and choreographers. These professional engagements have provided him invaluable insights and exposure to the dance industry.

Imparting Knowledge at The Edge Dance Studio

Alongside his own dance journey, Matthew is passionate about teaching. He shares his knowledge and love for dance with both children and adults at The Edge Dance Studio. His weekly classes are a testament to his commitment to nurturing the next generation of dancers.

Gratitude and Aspirations

Matthew is deeply grateful for the opportunities he has received so far and is enthusiastically looking forward to continuing his pursuit of excellence in the world of movement and the arts. His journey is a blend of passion, dedication, and a continuous quest for growth in the dynamic field of dance.

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