Welcome to our FAQ page, where we aim to provide clear, concise answers to all your common questions about The Edge Amarillo.

Whether you're a parent of a young aspiring dancer, a seasoned performer yourself, or just exploring the world of dance, this page is your go-to resource for information.

What You'll Find Here:

  • Class Details: Understand the range of dance styles we offer, class schedules, and what each session entails.
  • Enrollment Process: Get step-by-step guidance on how to join The Edge Amarillo family.
  • Tuition and Fees: Insight into our fee structure, payment schedules, and any available discounts.
  • Performance Opportunities: Discover the exciting recitals and competitions our dancers participate in.
  • Studio Policies: Learn about our dress code, attendance policies, and studio etiquette.
  • Parental Involvement: Find out how you can stay connected with your child's progress and studio events.

Have More Questions? If your question isn't addressed here, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We are always here to provide the information you need to make your experience at The Edge Amarillo as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.

Getting Started

When can I register my child for dance classes?

ANYTIME! Our dance season runs from September through May BUT it is NEVER too late to join us! You can enroll your dancer in recreational classes at ANY point throughout the year as long as there is available space in their desired class! This can be done online or in person at our front desk during office hours.

What age groups do you cater to at The Edge Amarillo?

From as young as 2 years of age through adult!

Can students participate in more than one style of dance?

Absolutely! For our young dancers, ages 3-5, many of our classes are “Combo Classes” meaning for the duration of the hour your child will get to participate in two different styles of dance. For dancers age 5+ our classes focus on 1 style of dance for the entire class session, BUT you are welcome to enroll in as many classes as you desire AND we offer a discount on each class you enroll in after the first class!

Are there any prerequisites or skill levels required for certain classes?

Most recreational classes require NO experience at all and are perfectly geared for beginners! However, our acro classes are leveled, so to determine where your dancer would fit in best please read the class descriptions on the parent portal prior to registering because various skills are required for each level after our beginner/Level 1 Acro classes.  Additionally our Landance Ballet Track (LBT) classes require instructor placement so please speak to our front desk on how to make this happen if you/your dancer has interest in our Ballet Track program. 

I'm not sure what type of dance my child would like, can they come try multiple classes before enrolling?

YES! Your dancer can try each class offered for their age once before you decide which one is best for your child!

What should my child bring to their dance class?

Nothing special is required, but we encourage you to send your dancer with a drink that is labeled because we generally take a short break or two where our dancers have the opportunity to hydrate!

What is the Dress Code?

Most of our classes allow you to wear whatever is comfortable to move around in ( ie: athletic wear or dance apparel). However, ballet Technique has a strict dress code of pink tights with a back seam and a specified leotard! If your child is enrolled in a class, your teacher will inform you type and color of shoes required for performances.

Do you offer adult dance classes or programs?

Absolutely! Our adult class styles may vary, but we always have at least a few options to pick from! Check out our dance portal for what styles, days, and times we have available for adults! 

Tuition and Fees

What are the tuition costs per class?

Classes are 1 hour in duration:

    • 1 Class: $65
    • 2 Classes: $105
    • 3 Classes: $140
    • 4 Classes: $170
    • 5 Classes: $195
    • Additional Classes: $25 each/month after the 5th class.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on or before the 5th of each month. After the fifth, there is a $10 late fee per week.

Do you offer a second child discount?

YES, every dancer enrolled after your first child gets a 20% discount!

What are the costs associated with costumes and performance attire?

    • Recreational costumes run between $65-$85 per costume
    • Competitive costumes run between $125-$155 per costume

Is there any financial Assistance?

Yes! The Edge Booster Club is a registered Texas nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising funds for dancers enrolled at The Edge Amarillo Studio. Whether it’s costumes, tuition or costs associated with competitions and workshops, there is support.

Additional details can be found on our pricing page.

Performance Opportunities

Will my child get to perform?

YES! We have two recitals a year (one in December and one in June!)

Can I stay and watch class?

Due to limited space in our lobby, and wanting to foster an environment where dancers can focus on the tasks at hand without distractions, parents are not permitted to stay and watch classes. We do offer a live camera feed you can access on your smart phone, computer or tablet by logging in securely to our system for studios A, B, C and D. 

What kind of performances or recitals does the studio organize?

We give our dancers TWO opportunities to perform on the BIG stage throughout the dance year, a Winter recital in December and an End of Year recital in early June!


What opportunities are there for advanced dancers at the studio?

Our competitive program is designed to challenge dancers that are looking to advance in their dance ability and our competitive program is available as a “part-time” and “full time” opportunity!

How does the competitive program work, and how can my child join?

Our competition program has two different divisions, Part-Time and Full-Time. The Full-Time team competes in 4-5 regional competitions that require some traveling and requires more time dedication throughout the week in rehearsals. The Part-Time team has NO travel requirements and competes in 2-3 regional competitions in Amarillo and is a lesser time commitment throughout the week. Competition team is a commitment that runs from August/September through June. We generally have an in-person interest meeting every Summer which is a great opportunity to get a complete breakdown of what it means to be a competitive dancer, but you are also always welcome to stop by our front desk or send an email with any questions!

 Parental Involvement

How do I stay up on current information?

We will send out a monthly newsletter, and email you important info! Please make sure we have a current email address on file! Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We are always updating with the latest news!
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