From Lincoln to the Limelight in Texas

Kaylyn Brown
Born in the vibrant heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, Kaylyn Brown discovered her love for dance at just 3 years old. This early affection for the art form set her on an incredible path, one that eventually led her to the great state of Texas in 2009. Her pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at West Texas A&M University opened doors to training under notable figures like Leslie Meek, Crystal Bertrand, and Edward Truitt, along with enriching interactions with a host of guest artists.
A Flourishing Talent in “TEXAS!”

Kaylyn's skills and passion came to the forefront during her five-year tenure with the “TEXAS!” outdoor musical drama. Her remarkable growth in this setting culminated in her becoming the line captain in her final year - a role that not only showcased her talent but also her leadership abilities and her knack for inspiring those around her.

Embracing The Edge with Enthusiasm

Joining The Edge Amarillo brought a new wave of excitement for Kaylyn. It wasn't just about teaching dance; it was about forging connections, sharing experiences, and nurturing growth in every dancer she encountered. Her approach to teaching goes beyond techniques, as she aims to instill a sense of joy and passion for dance in her students.

Co-Founding Emergence Dance Company

2022 marked a significant chapter in Kaylyn's dance journey as she co-founded the Emergence Dance Company alongside Staci Hall. Their debut performance, “Awakening,” in Amarillo, was a statement of their dedication to bringing diversity and innovation to the dance scene in the Panhandle. This venture is a testament to Kaylyn’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating new opportunities in the world of dance.

A Legacy in the Making

Kaylyn's journey, from her humble beginnings in Lincoln to making a mark in Texas, is a narrative of dedication, talent, and visionary pursuit. At The Edge, she is more than a teacher; she is a beacon of passion and excellence, guiding her students to not just learn dance but to live it.

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