Celebrating One Week Since the Spectacular 2023 Edge Winter Recital!

Time flies, and it's already been a week since our talented dancers graced the stage for the 2023 Edge Winter Recital! Held last Monday and Tuesday, this event showcased the hard work and dedication of our amazing students. Their performances were nothing short of magical, leaving the audience in awe of their talent and passion for dance.

To relive these unforgettable moments, we are thrilled to share some phenomenal shots captured by the talented team at Sparrow Studios. Their lens has beautifully encapsulated the spirit and energy of the recital, preserving these precious memories for us to cherish.

Sparrow Studios has announced that the viewing galleries are now online. Visit Sparrow Studios' Client Galleries to get digital images of your dancer. These high-quality photos are a testament to the wonderful performances we witnessed.

We encourage you to share this link with family and friends, spreading the joy and pride of our Edge Dance Studio family. Let everyone witness the incredible talent and hard work that our dancers put into making the 2023 Edge Winter Recital a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported our dancers. Here's to many more years of dance, creativity, and community at Edge Dance Studio of Amarillo!