A Dynamic Force in Dance from Lubbock to Amarillo

Sierra Cross
Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Sierra Cross's journey in dance is a story of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Beginning her dance odyssey at a young age, she delved into a variety of styles, from the rhythmic beats of hip hop to the expressive nuances of contemporary and musical theatre.
Competitive Spirit and Artistic Growth

Sierra's competitive spirit was evident as she participated in numerous dance competitions, each a stepping stone that shaped her into the dynamic dancer she is today. Her commitment to her craft saw her excel in every genre she embraced, including jazz and tap.

Academic Pursuits and Teaching Expertise

Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Performance from West Texas A&M University in May 2023, Sierra's academic journey was rich with learning and teaching experiences. At WT Dance Academy, she nurtured young talents, teaching dancers aged three to thirteen across multiple dance styles. Her role extended beyond teaching, serving as the director of the academy for two years, managing class schedules, payments, and recital planning.

A Multifaceted Dance Career

During her time at WT, Sierra was an integral part of the WT Dance Team and Spirit Squad, further enhancing her performance skills. Her multifaceted training at WT contributed significantly to her holistic understanding of dance.

Embracing the Role of Educator

Now a cherished member of The Edge Amarillo, Sierra relishes her role as a dance teacher. Her aspiration is to continue evolving in dance performance and education, inspiring her students to reach their full potential.

A Future Full of Promise

Sierra looks forward to the countless possibilities that lie ahead. Her enthusiasm for meeting new dancers and witnessing their growth each day at The Edge Amarillo is a source of joy and inspiration. Sierra's journey embodies a dancer's dream, weaving her love for dance into every step she takes, both as a performer and as a teacher.

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